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The W'' and ''Iron Flag

The W'' and ''Iron Flag
The group reconvened once again to make ''[[The W]]'', though without Ol' Dirty Bastard, who was at the time incarcerated in [[California]] for violating the terms of his [[probation]]{{Fact|date=January 2007}}. Though incarcerated, ODB managed to make it onto the track "Conditioner" which also featured [[Snoop Dogg]]. ODB's vocals were recorded via the telephones used for inmates to talk with visitors.{{Fact|date=February 2007}} ''The W'' was mostly well-received by critics,particularly for The RZA's production, and also gave the group a hit single with the uptempo "Gravel Pit", part of a trilogy of videos where the group would visit different eras with a [[time travel]]ing elevator, which also included "Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)" and the internet exclusive (due to excessive [[gun violence]]) "Careful (Click, Click)", which were then followed by "I Can't Go to Sleep" featuring [[Isaac Hayes]]. The album would go on to reach [[RIAA certification|double platinum]] status.

Shortly before the release of ''The W,'' [[ODB]] escaped custody while being transported from a rehab center to a [[Los Angeles]] court and was considered a [[fugitive]]. At a record release party for ''The W,'' ODB, his face hidden by an orange parka, was not recognized until introduced to the crowd. With police officers present outside, ODB performed briefly and then fled, fearing capture. Six days later ODB caused a commotion signing autographs in a [[McDonald's]] in South Philadelphia. Unaware of who was causing the ruckus, the manager called the police. When the cops arrived, ODB mistook them for fans until they drew their guns. ODB fled the restaurant but was stopped while trying to start his vehicle. After presenting a fake ID, he admitted who he really was and was arrested.

In 2001, Wu-Tang Clan released their fourth album, ''[[Iron Flag]]'', to luke-warm reception. It contained hit single ''Uzi (Pinky Ring)'' and guest appearances by artists such as [[Public Enemy (band)|Public Enemy]]'s [[Flavor Flav]]. Its production was not completely handled by The RZA and had a less gritty sound than previous Wu-Tang albums.{{Fact|date=October 2007}}

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