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Wu-Tang Bio And Top 10

Wu-Tang Bio And Top 10
By Andy Jackson

I first started listening to Wu-Tang when a friend of mine was talking about one of their songs and I hadn't heard it, so I made it my goal to listen to the song. Once I had listened to it I became an instant fan and addict and that doesn't happen often to me because I like most kinds of music.

Wu-Tang formed originally in New York in 1992 with 9 members (Rza, Gza, Ol' Dirty, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, U-God, Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Masta Killa). Over the following years there have been many additions to the "Clan" such as Cappadonna, Shyheim, Killarmy, Killa Beez, Sunz Of Man, Buddah Monk, Gravediggaz, and Mathematics to name but a few. Unfortunately there has been one major subtraction from the Wu-Tang Clan which happened on November 13th 2004 when Russell Jones (ODB) collapsed at the studio he was recording at and was pronounced dead 30 minutes later. The autopsy reports stated that the cause of death was accidental overdose. I will go into ODB more in a future post as I have a lot to say about him and his influence on me.

Wu-Tang released their first album (Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers) in 1993 and have released many albums since (Wu-Tang Forever, The W, Iron Flag, Wu-Tang Collective, Wu Chronicles I and Wu Chronicles II) and have just released a new album in December 2007 (8 Diagrams). Clan members have appeared on numerous other rappers and artists albums worldwide over the years including Mariah Carey (ODB), Amy Winehouse (Ghostface Killah), Notorious B.I.G. (Method Man), Kanye West (ODB), Outkast (Raekwon), Mary J Blige (Method Man).

There have also been times when Wu-Tang have ventured outside the music industry, the most notable being the Wu-Wear range of clothing and footwear and the making of several computer games. Wu-Wear was started by Oli Grant (who was the executive producer) in 1995 and when Wu Tang Forever was released in 1997 containing a song dedicated to the fashion label sales were reported as $10 million in 1998. The Wu-Tang playstation game Wu-Tang Shaolin Style was released in 1999 and there was even a special edition Wu-Tang controller. There have been several games made by Def Jam in which Ghostface and Method Man both play themselves as characters.

I am going to create separate articles over time of all the original members of Wu-Tang which will contain more info about the member and also my top 5 songs. I have over some time while being at work drawn several pictures of the Wu-Tang W logo which had gotten me in trouble, but I no longer work at the same place and haven't drawn any lately (but I intend to again soon).

Now to my Top 10 Wu-Tang songs:

01. Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nuttin To **** With

02. C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)

03. Shame On A *****

04. Triumph

05. Gravel Pit

06. Reunited

07. As High As Wu-Tang Get

08. Soul Power

09. Back In The Game

10. One Blood Under W

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