Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wu Tang management

***Wu Tang management***

Oli "Power" Grant and RZA's brother Mitchell "Divine" Diggs are the controversial executives who haveMitchell "Divine" Diggs has been mentioned in several songs by Wu-Tang members, such as by RZA in his song "Brooklyn Babies" with "My big brother Divine he push the [[Mercedes-Benz|Benz]] well", and Raekwon in the song "The Turn" with "Divine got me, nigga, the boss, he pop me".

Method Man however has voiced his displeasure with Mitchell "Divine" Diggs of the Wu-Tang management, "Number 1 on my shit list right now is Divine from Wu-Tang management. He took something major from me that he had no intention of giving back.been handling the business side of the Wu Tang empire since 1997, and are responsible for large amounts of products such as [[Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style]] and Wu Wear which were released in the late 90's and early 2000s. The two stay behind the scenes for the most part but do occasionally step into the public eye. Oli "Power" Grant is a childhood friend of several clan members.

Oliver "Power" Grant has also acted in numerous films including ''[[Belly (film)|Belly]]'', ''[[Black and White (1999 film)|Black and White]]'', ''[[When Will I Be Loved]]'' and others. He also won the 24th Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in Long Beach, beating out seventeen other celebrity and professional drivers. "Power" was mentioned in [[Raekwon]]'s lyrics in the street anthem "Incarcerated Scarfaces", saying "Peace to Power and the whole unit."

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